Terremoto in Giappone

To the President of the JSC of Tokyo
Kazutami Namikoshi
To the General Manager of the JSC of Tokyo
Peter Nagata
Dearest President Kazutami,
The news of the terrible hearthquake and tsunami that hit Japan arrived in Italy. We are worried about the consequences that it could have on you country. We would like to know if you were damaged by these disasters, hoping that you, your family, and our Japanese brothers in Shiatsu were not harmed. I would like to express you the sympathy from all the Associations and the Schools that form the NSE Italy for Japan and for its beloved people, and I ask you if we can do anything. I hope you will recieve this e-mail and that you will be able to answer it.
With affection,
Roberto Taverna
President of the NSE Italy
Roma 11 Marzo 2011

La Risposta del Presidente Kazutami Namikoshi

Mr. Roberto Taverna
President of the NSE Italy
We thank you for your expression of sympathy after the earthquake attacked Japan. We had a strong shock in Tokyo, however, there are no injured person among our family, teachers and students and no damage on private residence and school property.
Under the above circumstances, you may rest assured that we are all well and safe.
Thank you again for your kind consideration.
Kazutami Namikoshi
Japan Shiatsu College
Tokyo 13 Marzo 2011

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